Lola Mullen-Lowe Website


Each agency needs its own showcase, a place where to expose its culture, the quality of its work, speak about their philosophy and post the job offers.

But creating a new site for the agency you are working on is at the same time a source of pride and one of the most difficult projects a designer can face.

The process

As a starting point, we interviewed all the involved stakeholders: the managing team, the creatives, the technology team and of course, the clients.

That allowed the design team to identify the business needs, the technology boundaries and have a clear idea about what the potencial clients expect when looking for a new agency.

Soon after, we defined all the goals to accomplish by the users, we developed the user flows and we made some guerrilla testing in order to validate the flows.

Once we got all the user flows, we asked some users to participate in a card sorting exercise to map out the information architecture of the site (check the previous picture). From that, we created all the wireframes, and we tested them again, iterating when necessary.

Lola is an agency with a Latin spirit and is part of the MullenLowe Group. LOLA develops fully integrated, global campaigns, with people at the heart of every idea.

A critical part of the project was reflect that spirit, so we decided to create a vivid colorfull experience, using a color code for each of the different area's of the site.

So, each section has its own primary color and the content is related to it: green for work, purple for about, yellow for culture and so on.

The handover to the developers was fully detailed. All the functionalities were fully detailed and collected into an specification catalogue.

Obviously the site is accessible from any kind of device.