SEAT Car Configurator


The SEAT Car Configurator is the place where to play and discover all the SEAT models and their possible configurations.

This version of the Car Configurator is an adaptative site, developed by Conleos, before, together with Lola Mullen-Lowe, and now, with C14torce.

The process

The information architecture that structures the Car Configurator is a reflection of the commercial structure that SEAT uses to sell its models.

This translates into a digital system that allows users to play with the offer and create real configurations, configurations that users can buy. Once the desired configuration is done, it can be send to order the car.

It should be noted that this same structure, when designing this version of the configurator, presented certain incompatibilities between certain items, such as colors or accessories, which could be available for example only in one of the brand ranges.

That complicated the process of communication with the users. Make these incompatibilities visible and understandable was a very important design challenge that we resolved with a different kinds of notifications.

Although we thought that the notifications were something intrusive for the users, we had to deal with them as we couldn't change the comercial offer and the retationship between the items of the car configurator.

As a commercial tool, the client wanted to implement some cross-selling and up-selling tools, to give the chance to their users to upgrade their configurations and to discover related products.

As you will appreciate in the next picture, we use that tools at different points of the userflow.

As a side project, and with the final goal to sell stock parts and cars, we develop an specific version of the Car Configurator. We called it "Fast Lane".

For that version, one of our goals was to simplify the process, making the configuration process easier for the users simplifing the offer and avoiding all the unnecesaries incompatibilties. And everything in a single page.

Check the final version below:

Car Configurator is an organic tool and is under continuos development.